Managing SmartCapture

From the CityScape Admin interface, organization Admin users re able to access a number of SmartCapture functions and administrative settings through the SmartCapture SmartCapture tab. Collected building information plans can be viewed from both a List View and Map View. From the List View, building information plans can also be exported and deleted; from the Map View, new building pins can be created. Activity reports can be viewed as well using CityScape Admin: these reports can be configured to present an organization's daily, weekly, monthly or yearly activity. Furthermore, the activity history for each building can also be accessed using CityScape Admin. Information from existing PDF files can also be imported into SmartCapture using CityScape Admin.

Topics covered in this section include previewing collected building information and viewing activity change lists, viewing activity reports, exporting building information to either PDF or CSV format, importing information from PDF files into SmartCapture, creating new buildings, and deleting buildings.