Using SmartInspect

SmartInspect facilitates the efficient capture of digital building information, and the creation of detailed building inspections using this information. Reports for these inspections can then be generated and sent to the appropriate contact, and a history of inspections is automatically synced with the server. With the built-in application map, users can quickly select a location for a new building inspection, or select any inspections assigned to the SmartInspect account. The form-based plans are easily navigated, with data captured using simple tap gestures, and images can be added using both the device's camera or photo library. Once inspections are completed, an email can be instantly generated and sent to the assigned building contact. This email includes a summary of the inspection, as well as a detailed PDF inspection report.

Topics covered in this section include using the SmartInspect Map, syncing inspection requests, re-positioning map pins, navigating building information plans and adding information to inspections, modifying images and image information, resolving data conflicts, and completing inspections.