Viewing Inspection Activity Reports

The SmartInspect Admin Portal allows users to access a configurable dashboard that displays inspection activity over a given period of time. The Inspection Activity Dashboard can be accessed through the SmartInspect SmartInspect tab, by selecting the Inspection Dashboard Inspection Dashboard tab. The inspection dashboard has two main sections: Reports Summary and Reports Details.

Several date and date range selectors appear above the Reports Summary section, and can be configured to display daily reports (default), reports for the last 7 days, reports for the last 30 days, or reports that cover a custom date range. If daily reports are selected, the day, month and year of daily reports can also be configured.

Reports Summary

The Reports Summary shows the totals for inspection activity over a given time period. It displays this information within both a data table and a series of graphs. Additionally, the data table can be configured to display the Reports Summary based upon the following Keys: User Account, Employee Number, or Inspection Type. The Reports Summary table displays the following information for the given time period:
  • Number of Inspections (per selected Key, as well as total violations)
  • Passed Inspections
  • Failed Inspections
  • Average Number of Violations (failed inspections only)
  • Average Inspection Cycle - time (in days) from inspection request to inspection report generation

The Reports Summary will also present graphical displays for both Inspection Type and Violations. The Inspection Type display is presented as a pie graph, while the violations display is presented as a bar chart.

Reports Details

The Reports Details appears below the Reports Summary, and displays more in-depth information for each of the inspections completed during the selected period. The Reports Details displays the following information for each inspection completed during the selected time period:
  • Address
  • User Account
  • Employee Number
  • Completion Time
  • Inspection Type
  • Inspection Status
  • Number of Violations
  • Violation Details

The report tables for both the Reports Summary and Reports Details can be exported in either a text file or CSV.