Viewing Inspections History and Reports

SmartInspect's Admin Portal allows users to view a history of completed inspections, and also view the completed inspection reports and generated emails. The inspection history can be accessed from the SmartInspect SmartInspect tab by selecting the Inspection History Inspection History tab. The inspection history is presented in a List View by default, but a Map View can be toggled. From the inspection history, users can view the following information:
  • Building Name
  • Building Address
  • Completion Date
  • Inspector (Account Name and Account ID)
  • Status (Passed Inspection Checkmark for passed inspections, Failed Inspection X-mark for failed inspections)
  • Actions - Show Inspection Report, Report History, Edit Inspection Report (Failed Inspections only)

The inspection history list will show the most recently completed inspections. Users can also use the search bar to find the inspection history for a specific occupancy. The displayed inspection history list will be automatically filtered based upon the entered search term.

Users can also access a number of actions for each building in the inspection history. Selecting Show Inspection Report will open up the generated report for review. The Email sent to the building contact can be viewed under Report Summary, and the complete report in PDF can be viewing under Report Details. Selecting Report History presents the inspection history for the selected address.

Completed inspection reports that have failed can be modified by selecting Edit Inspection Report. See Modifying Completed Inspection Reports for more information.