Using SmartCapture

SmartCapture facilitates the efficient capture and creation of detailed building information plans. From either a map view or a list view, users can quickly select a location for a new building, access existing building information plans, and re-position building pins as needed.

The form-based plans are easily navigated, with data captured using simple tap gestures; satellite views (for use as a site plan) and other images can be instantly captured from within the application. Annotations can be added to captured images, enhancing the value and usability of pushed information. PDF documents can be attached for reference to any building information plan. Any data conflicts when creating or updating a building information plan are automatically surfaced for user-based resolution. Created plans can be instantly reviewed using the Preview capability, which generates a representation of the record as it would appear in SmartView.

Topics covered in this section include selecting and managing building information plans, syncing building information, navigating plans, adding information to plans, annotating photos, adding documents, resolving change conflicts, and previewing records.