Navigating and Using the SmartCapture Home View

To collect information using SmartCapture, a location must be selected: each building information plan must have a unique address. The SmartCapture Home View allows users to choose between two different layouts: Map View and List View.

Map View

Users can navigate the Map View (see SmartCapture Home View) using swipe and pinch/expand touch gestures, which can be selected by tapping the Map icon in the top left corner.This view displays a green pin representing the user’s current location, while red pins represent all created plans. Lastly, a purple pin represents a user-defined location, and is presented when using the Magnifying Glass button Search function to search for an address, or by long tapping on a map location. Tapping the label for a green pin or purple pin will open a dialog box for users to enter any necessary building information for creation. Tapping Submit will confirm the location of the new building information plan, and the plan will open.
Note: The Map View can be toggled between map (default) and satellite views by tapping The Layer button in the top left of the window.
Existing plans can be modified by selecting that building's red pin. When a red pin is selected, a list of nearby building information plans (based on the current zoom level) will appear, allowing the user to open a plan displayed in the list.
Note: If an account also has the user role for SmartInspect, ensure that Preplans is selected. If Inspections is selected, building information plans cannot be created.

List View

Users can navigate the List View by scrolling through the displayed list of building information plans, or by using the Magnifying Glass button Search function to find a particular plan. This view can be selected by tapping the List icon in the top left corner. Building information plans within the List View are ordered by last updated date. Tapping a displayed building information plan in the list will display its last updated date, while tapping Open will open the selected plan. Alternatively, the Search function can be used to find and open a specific building information plan.