Adding Image Annotations

SmartCapture allows users to enhance captured images by adding annotations that indicate an item’s location (e.g. hydrant, main alarm panel), or provide additional information to an image.

Note: Image annotations can be configured by APX to appear on the images of inspection reports generated using SmartInspect. By default, image annotations in inspection reports is enabled.

Annotation Canvas

The annotation canvas allows annotations to be added/modified/deleted. It can be accessed by tapping on an image. When within the annotation canvas, image views can be zoomed (pinch/expand gesture) and panned (two finger swipe). Three different annotation modes can be selected: icon annotations, drawing annotations, and text annotations.
Tip: Help text will be presented explaining how to use a selected annotation mode the first time the mode is accessed per app session. If the app is re-started, the help text will be presented again on first access.

Icon Annotations

The icon annotations mode can be selected from the annotation canvas by tapping the Shapes button. An icon can then be selected from the Icon List the Plus button; the icon will appear in the middle of the image. Selected icons are displayed with a cyan frame around the icon, and can be re-positioned by tapping and dragging the icon to the desired position.

Icons can be linked to fields within a building information plan. The linked (or linkable) fields can be accessed from the Annotation Canvas (when the desired icon is selected) by tapping the Link button. Linked information can be edited from this view, or from the building information plan section containing the linked fields. When the plan is accessed using SmartView, these icons act as hyperlinks, allowing users to quickly navigate to the linked information.
Note: To modify or add linked information fields, please contact APX.

Drawing Annotations

The drawing annotations mode can be selected from the annotation canvas by tapping the Pencil button. Line color can be changed by selecting the Square button, and thickness can be adjusted by tapping the Line button and then using the slider to adjust line thickness. Drawings can be erased by tapping the Eraser button and then drawing a short line over the drawing(s) to be removed. Tapping the Eraser button again will exit the drawing deletion mode.

Text Annotations

The text annotations mode can be selected from the annotation canvas by tapping the Square T button. Once selected, a text annotation can be added by tapping the Plus button. Text annotations can be resized using pinch/expand gestures, and their orientation can be changed using a rotation gesture. Annotations can be re-positioned by selecting it and then tapping and dragging anywhere on the image. A selected annotation will have a cyan colored frame around it. Text can be added by tapping inside an annotation.

Text color can be changed by selecting the Square button and choosing from the available options. Text size can be modified by selecting the Letter button and using the slider to adjust the text size. The text annotation fill can be toggled on and off by selecting the Paint Can button, and annotations can be deleted by selecting the Trash Can button.