Adding Icon Annotations

SmartCapture allows users to enhance captured images by adding icon annotations. These icons can be used to indicate an item’s location or an item of interest (e.g. hydrant, main alarm panel), and can be linked to additional information within the building information plan. When the plan is accessed using SmartView, these icons act as hyperlinks, allowing users to quickly navigate to the linked information.

Annotation Canvas

The annotation canvas allows icons to be added/moved/deleted. It can be accessed by tapping Annotate. An icon can then be selected from the Icon List the Plus button; the selected icon will appear in the middle of the image. Selected icons are displayed with a yellow frame around the icon. The icon can then be positioned by tapping and dragging the icon to the desired position.

Icon List

The annotation canvas's Icon List displays all available icons. It can be accessed by tapping the Plus button. The available icons can be viewed by swiping up and down through the list, and icons can be selected by tapping the desired icon.

Annotation Info

Icons can be linked to additional information within a building information plan. The linked (or linkable) information fields can be accessed from the Annotation Canvas (when the desired icon is selected) by tapping Edit Icon. Linked information can be edited from this view, or within the building information plan section containing the linked fields.
Note: To modify or add linked information fields, please contact APX.