Syncing Building Information Plans

SmartCapture syncs down the digital form and building locations each time the application is started. The real-time sync status is displayed in the top left corner of the SmartCapture Map. This icon will be Green for a completed sync, or Red for an uncompleted sync. A spinner will appear while the sync is in progress.

When adding information to a SmartCapture building information plan, the application automatically syncs the plan on the device with the copy saved on the CityScape server each time Save is selected, assuming the device is within coverage. If out of coverage, changes are saved locally on the device. In this case, changes can be manually synced up to the server once back in coverage by accessing the Sync Status menu of the Settings menu (top right of the SmartCapture Map). From here, users can view the sync status for each building synced down to the device, as well as the sync status for the building index. If the sync status is unknown, a Question Mark icon will be displayed. Tapping the appropriate Sync icon will manually sync the selected building or the building index database. Sync All can be selected to sync up all locally saved building information plans and sync down the building index.
Note: The Question Mark icon will change to Green when synced successfully.