Navigating a Building Information Plan in SmartCapture

SmartCapture's building information plans are presented in a form-based layout, and are designed to be quickly and simply navigated. All collected information is broken down into sections that contain form fields that allow for data to be captured easily. A section menu allows users to switch between sections easily.

Sections and Form Fields

SmartCapture sections facilitate easy access to any required information. Within a given section, users can quickly tap form fields to add textual information, photos, or attach PDF documents.

Building Information Plan Menu

The building information plan menu allows users to quickly switch between sections. When using SmartCapture on an iPad, the menu appears left of the current section. On iPhone, the menu opens as the default screen, and can be accessed from any section by tapping Back.
Tip: If the building information plan is set to full screen on iPad, the menu can be accessed by tapping Main Menu.

Photos Section

The Photos section displays all the images added to the building information plan. Images are displayed according to their assigned image type(s). From this section, images can be viewed, image names can be changed, annotations can be added, and images can be deleted from the record. Unlinked images can also be added from the Photos section, and are given the Other image type.

The view, name change, annotate and delete functions can also be accessed from the image fields within each section. Images added from a section field are given the image type associated with that field. Tapping an image will open up a Swiper view, inside which you can swipe through all images added to that field.

Help Text

SmartCapture has customizable help text that can be accessed within the application. This help text can be used to provide additional information to explain the field, or to specify how information should be collected. Help text can be identified by the I icon indicator, and can appear within a form field (text field, numeric field, choice-list, table or multi-line text field) or within certain menus or alerts of the application.