Adding Information to a Building Information Plan

The main function of SmartCapture is to facilitate the efficient capture of critical building information (e.g. information collected during the creation of a pre-incident plan or an inspection). Textual information can be captured using the device keyboard or choice-lists. High-quality photos can be instantly added to the created plan, either by capturing a photo with the device camera or uploading a photo saved to the device or a cloud storage provider.

Site Plan Capture

A site plan image can be captured from within the application, and can then be annotated with linkable icons. Form fields that allow a site plan will open up a satellite view when the site plan option is selected. Users can navigate to the desired position and capture the satellite image. Users can also toggle between a satellite view and a map view using the Layer button.

Searching for Images with the iOS Files Browser (requires iOS 11 or newer)

Devices running iOS 11 or newer can browse for images using the iOS Files Browser. When the camera icon is selected, Browse will open the Files application. Users can then search for images stored to the iOS device and import them into SmartCapture.

Re-using Images in SmartCapture

Images captured in SmartCapture (either using the device camera, device Photo Library, or the site plan capture capability) can be re-used by tapping Building Record Image; all images that have been used within the current plan or inspection can be re-used in another field (e.g. lock box location). When Building Record Image is selected, a library similar to the Photos Section will be presented, from which a user can select an image for re-use.


For some buildings, there may be several items of the same type (e.g. Hydrants, Shutoffs), for each of which separate information must be entered. In SmartCapture, tables can be used to input one or more of the same type of object. Selecting the the Plus Button will add a new table row containing a complete set of the table's fields: selecting the the Minus Button for a particular table row will delete the row.

Function Fields (New Field Type in Version 3.1.1.)

Function fields are a new field type, available in Version 3.1.1. Function fields will have a value auto-calculated, based upon the value(s) input into one or more input fields. Function fields are read-only, so they cannot be modified other than by changing the values within the associated input fields.
Note: Read-only fields are identifiable by the dark gray background, white text, and the Lock icon.


PDF documents can be added to added to building information plans using a document field. For more information, see Adding PDF Documents to a Building Information Plan.

Modifying Form Fields (New UI in Version 3.1.1.)

New UI introduced in Version 3.1.1. changes the appearance of fields with unsaved changes. The background color of an edited form field will change from white to yellow. Once the changes are saved, the form fields will revert to their original state.
Note: The new UI showing edited form fields affects the following form fields: text fields, multi-line text fields, choice-lists, quick-choice fields, function fields, URL fields. Edited image fields does not have the new UI applied, as images are saved automatically as they are added to an image field.

Saving Changes

To prevent accidental or unwanted changes, SmartCapture requires users to save form changes. To save changes made within a section, users must tap Save upon completion of the section. Navigating away from a section without saving will present an alert prompting users to Save or Discard any changes.
Note: Images and PDF documents are automatically saved when added to a building information plan.

Managing Building Information Plans

Created plans can be viewed, exported to PDF, or deleted using the browser-based application. For information on use of this application, see the CityScape Admin online user documentation available here: