To Create a New Building Pin Using a User-Defined Location

This procedure details the steps in SmartCapture for creating a new building pin using a user-defined location.
Note: Ensure that SmartInspect is open, and is the selected view. If necessary, see To Switch to SmartCapture from SmartInspect.
  1. In the address bar above the application map, enter the address of the desired location
    Note: When entering address information in the search bar, provide the street number, street name, and city name.
    Tip: A user-defined location can also be selected by long tapping upon a desired location on the map.
  2. Tap Return
    A purple pin will drop on the selected location.
    Trouble: If a message titled "Over Query Limit" appears, wait 2-3 seconds and then tap Retry.
  3. Tap the purple pin
    Tip: Purple pins can be moved if they are dropped in an incorrect location. See To Re-Position a User-Defined Location Pin.
    An address label will appear.
  4. Tap the displayed label
    A building details window will appear.
  5. If any of the pop-up's text fields do not auto-populate, enter the necessary information
    Note: The pop-up has five text fields: Building Name, Street Number, Street Name, City Name, and Province. Typically, information will only have to be entered for the Building Name.
  6. Tap Submit
    A new building pin will be created. Building creation takes around 3-5 seconds in good network conditions. SmartCapture provides user feedback during this process.
A building pin has been successfully created at a user-defined location. The new building information plan will open upon successful building pin creation.