To Select an Existing Building Plan Pin

This procedure details the steps in SmartCapture for selecting an existing building information plan pin.
Note: Ensure that SmartInspect is open, and is the selected view. If necessary, see To Switch to SmartCapture from SmartInspect.
Tip: An existing building information plan can also be selected by entering search criteria into the search bar above the SmartCapture map, and then selecting the desired result from the displayed drop-down list.
  1. If necessary, zoom the map out so that the desired red pin is visible
  2. Tap the red pin
    A label will appear above the pin.
  3. Tap the label
    The building information plan will be synced down, and will open automatically.
    Note: A sync spinner will indicate that the sync task is ongoing, and a progress bar will appear above the map.
An existing building information plan pin has been successfully selected.