To Preview a Building Information Plan

This procedure details the steps in SmartCapture for previewing a building information plan.
  1. If necssary, tap the Red Pin for the desired plan
    A label will appear above the pin.
  2. Tap the label
    The building information plan will be synced down, and will open automatically.
    Note: A sync spinner will indicate that the sync task is ongoing, and a progress bar will appear above the map.
  3. In the top left, tap Preview
    The preview will open to the first Site Plan image.
  4. On displayed images, swipe left or right to navigate between images in the selected gallery
    Tip: On a desktop device, swipe between images by clicking and dragging left or right.
    Note: The number of images in a gallery is indicated by pagination dots displayed below the current image.
  5. If the displayed image has active (hyperlinked) icon annotations, select an icon to navigate to the linked annotation info
    Tip: If any icons are overlapping, they will be animated to fade in and out. Tapping any of these icons will cause the pins to re-position, with lines drawn to indicate their original position. Selecting one of these icons will present any linked information, while selecting any other part of the image will restore the original icon positioning. The Animation Pause icon in the top-right of the window stops/starts the animation.
  6. To navigate to other sections within the plan, select a section from the main hyperlink menu
    Trouble: If the main menu is not displayed, it may be minimized. To expand the main menu on iPad or a desktop device, select the expand button. To expand the menu on iPhone or other smartphones, tap the expand icon.
  7. To navigate within a plan section, swipe/scroll up or down to view the collected information
    Tip: The breadcrumb menu, located directly above the displayed section, provides a navigable hierarchy view. Using this menu, you can navigate upwards through the directory structure of the building plan.
  8. To return to SmartCapture, tap Back
A building information plan has been successfully previewed within SmartCapture.