To Re-Position an Existing Building PlanInspection Pin

This procedure details the steps in SmartCapture for re-positioning an existing building plan pin.
  1. If necessary use the search bar to choose an existing building pin
    Note: When searching for a location using the search bar, enter a street number, street name, and city, and then select a result from the drop-down list.
    Tip: Existing building pins can also be selected by tapping on them from the map and then tapping the label that appears.
    The building information plan will open.
  2. Within the plan, use the menu to navigate to the section containing the GPS coordinates field
    Note: Since SmartCapture sections and fields can be customized, the section containing the GPS coordinates can vary. By default, it is located within the Summary section.
  3. Tap Update Pin Position
    An application map will open.
  4. Tap and hold the Red Pin to select it for re-positioning
  5. Drag the pin to the desired location
  6. Release the pin
  7. Tap Update
  8. Tap Save
An existing building plan pin has been successfully re-positioned.